Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whats been going on in the Mooney Household?

Sadie's new sleigh bed and tinker bell bed set :)

Sofie's 1st bite of cereal

Maybe this might be ok??

Sadie and her bff Laynie on Easter Sunday @ Church

Sadie and Daddy on the 4-wheeler

Sadie enjoying her Barbie Jeep

Sofie's 1st 4-wheeler ride

On the 4-wheeler with Daddy still

She LOVES to be outside

So it has been a looonnnggg time since my last post and so much has happened. My camera fell on the concrete @ the bowling alley not long after my last post. It is broken and can't seem to find a place to take it to have it repaired. The pics above are compliments of Grams. Sofie has started eating cereal and just this last week began baby food. Yay! Thus far her favorite would have to be sweet potatoes. She has taken her first 4-wheeler ride, rolled over from back to front, and is very vocal! Still haven't been able to convince her to roll from stomach to back but we are working on it.
Biggest change in the last 2 months...we have moved. Ryan and I have been discussing this for a long time now and it just worked out with my not going back to work that this was the perfect timing for us. We have moved to Harrison...well at least the girls and I have. Ryan is still in Jonesboro working waiting on his transfer while we are staying with dad and madea looking for a house to have ready when he gets up here. I sure hope its soon!
Sadie is enrolled in Preschool. We went to view it on Tuesday and she did NOT want to leave. We got there in time for their first recess so she was able to go out on the playground with the other children. I had the hardest time convincing her to leave. Her words were, "But momma those kids need me to play with them. They are waiting on me." It broke my heart but also made me feel at ease. She can't wait for August now.
Right now we are working on my sister's wedding plans and Sadie's 3rd birthday plans. We are thinking a trip to Silver Dollar City would be perfect for Sadie. She is just the right age to really enjoy their Kids Park.
I have lots more cute pics to sure but didn't want to overload. Tomorrow is Crawdad Days on the square and I am hoping to get more there and then at the Carnival tomorrow night.


  1. Good luck with the new move and all!

  2. Thanks, Amber!

    Lindsey, my sister Paige is getting married at the end of June.