Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Model Diva

The girls and I have been staying with Grams and Grandad this week. Ryan went back home Sunday, but we decided to stay for the week to visit since we didn't have any pressing issues at home. So, Grams has been sewing and making all kinds of cute things for Sofie and let me just say, she is a very cute model. Sadie said that one is for Sofie and Grams make Sadie one, so now Grams has to make something for Sadie. We have done quit a bit this week. Saturday we went to Fayetteville to visit with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Beth and their kids. We had such a good time. Sadie FINALLY allowed someone to trim her hair and I got some blonde (woohoo!). It was very interesting to drive back at midnight in all that snow. That was a very long car ride home. On Tuesday we took the girls to the Library. Sadie had a very good time, but not because of the books. She enjoyed playing with all the kids. I guess that is something I don't realize she is deprived of being at home with me until we are around other kids her age. She threw a major temper tantrum when it was time to leave. I had to literally hoist her up on my side and carry her out of there kicking and screaming. My new goal is to get her around kids her own age at least one day a week so we can avoid this in the future. Any ideas on keeping an almost 3 year old entertained are welcomed and appreciated! Thursday we are going dress shopping. She is going to be the flower girl in my sister Paige's wedding in June. I cannot wait to see her all dressed up! She will definitely think she is a princess then.