Thursday, May 21, 2009


Praise the Lord! After only 7 years I will be receiving that very expensive piece of paper. On August 7 I will get my degree!!!!!!!!! I am so ecstatic. When I went to the school today to have my pre-grad check, I was sooo nervous. My biggest fear was to hear that there was more than just the one class needed for me to graduate in August or that my GPA wasn't high enough (even though I knew it was) or something off the wall that would prevent me from graduating. BUT that was not the case!!! Yay!!!
Since I was in Jonesboro and visiting with mom and the kids, I was sneaky and got on Amanda's computer just to make this post. Hopefully we will have a new computer next week and I can get back to blogging and downloading pics. I have some VERY cute ones of the girls in their new dresses before church on Sunday!