Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today has been a very long and eventful day. It began this morning at 5:55 a.m. with a call from Ryan. His truck was messed up and he barely made it to work. Sofie and I had to be in town in time to take him to lunch and then we decided to stick around and make a day of it...and boy did we ever. We visited with mom at her office, got some ice cream, did a little shopping, and ran some errands. Then we met Ryan at Autozone only to discover it wasn't the battery as we had hoped, it was the alternator. There went $200 in one swipe. Then we went around trying to find a daycare for the kiddos because I have to go back to work in less than 2 wks =( Lets just say at $210/wk mom will probably become a stay at home mommy. That is outrageous! I knew it was going to be up there, but I definitely wasn't expecting that high. Anyway, we got home long enough for Sofie to have a diaper change and a bottle, then it was off again. This time to a Home and Garden party. We had such a good time. She, of course, made her way around the room eating up all the attention. I am considering becoming an H&G party consultant. Maybe that would allow me to stay at home with the kids and still help out financially. I have put it all in His hands so I know things will work out for the best.
Sadie and Kale will both be heading back this way in the morning! We are so excited. It has been different going back to just having one kiddo around to take care of. I am hoping to get some pics of the three of them together this weekend. I just hope they turn out better than before.
I have some new pics of Sofie having a long intimate conversation with her fish hanging above her swing. They are absolutely adorable. It takes a while to download, so I am off to bed and will post them in the a.m.!


  1. Cute! Can't wait to see the picks. Kiss Kale for us.

  2. I hope you get to stay at home with them if that is what you want. I hope to get to stay at home maybe in another year, for a little while anyway.

  3. Erica. I have a blog too! It is private, but if you want to view it (and I would love for you to!) just send me your email address and I will add you to the list. My email is stacys and then all the at hot mail dot com stuff after it.... I am really excited that you have a blog!